Don't Tell Me To Smile - Cross Stitch Pattern PDF


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    This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD .pdf download. It consists of three pages: a color preview, a grid with symbols, and a key including the exact colors and amounts you will need.

    Don't tell me to smile.

    If you are a human, especially a female-presenting human, I guarantee that a stranger has instructed you to smile. While you were walking down the street, working at your job, waiting in line, in other words: MINDING YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS.

    This cute stitch instructs others to kindly do the same.

    This pattern is inspired by the color schemes of traditional Scandinavian folk art cross stitches, complete with adorable folk-art ladies. Who are not smiling. Because MAYBE THEY DON'T FEEL LIKE IT RIGHT NOW.

    It's a feminist cross stitch twist on a classic, traditional design.

    This piece is designed to be stitched on white fabric in vibrant teal, red, and black. It will fit a 5x7" frame when stitched on 16-count or 14-count fabric.

    This piece is suitable for all levels of stitches, including beginners. It only uses full stitches, 3 colors, no knots, no backstitch. Also a super-quick project for an advanced stitcher.

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